The new ride : vote here.

Sold the much loved Landcruiser in a fit of panic funnily enough same day I get offered a new job. It sucked to see it go but I’m glad I don’t get so attached to possessions I can’t cut them loose. So now I’m back on the hunt for a smaller SUV that Leakhana will be able to smash…er….drive easily. Must be auto.must be midsized.must not be thirst.must not be a complete soccer mum car. Contenders in order of preference as at today :


1998 Toyota forerunner $8200


Mitsubishi Montero sport 1998 2WD $8000


Toyota forerunner 1996 4WD converted to 2000 Prado turbo diesel $7000


Isuzu trooper 4WD 1998 $7500

I love the first forerunner as it’s clean as a whistle and drives like a dream but I also like the idea of spending less . The Montero is sweet to drive but only 2Wd. The diesel converted forerunner would be cheep to run but needs about.$1000 spent. The Isuzu has already been poo poohed by the missus.

Thoughts ?

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1 Response to The new ride : vote here.

  1. Mike says:

    I had the same 4runner.
    I still miss it.

    Don’t know about diesel but that’s my second pick.

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