Still cheap…




I’m still pretty amazed at our success in downsizing our rental. $240 per month / $60 per week / $8.50 per day and we have a really cool space that is functional, super clean and homely. The land is 5Mx18m so a mere 90m2 footprint and actual terrace house is 4mx16m . Sounds small right ? Well…. actually i find the living space  just about perfect. We have a set of stairs that goes up to a rooftop which is actually the second level slab with a tin roof . With $15k you could turn the roof into deluxe parent salon bedroom with massive bathroom etc. the one thing that would set this place off is a 12m backyard for relaxing. At any rate…most afternoons I sit back and make punch lists of really small things I’d change if we owned it. Remove the tinting from windows, remove the bars, change light fittings (which we already started with our old wall lights from the villa ) , make some windows into doors, take tiles off the walls, etcetc.

Still I like it and at just $65,000………

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