Henning Wessel RIP

Henning – my other good German mate.

Stunned to hear yet another friend has passed away.Henning Wessel was a good mate and bon vivante of sorts. Of German and Chinese extraction, Henning was extremely intelligent and well versed all things SEA and was very well traveled. We would often catch up for a Laksa at Singapore Kitchen or a jug of draft and a plate of his favorite bbq beef at a Khmer beer garden. When he came over to our house he was always great with the Grace and I envied his lustrous head of silver hair ! He reminded me a lot of my other German Friend Manfred Schulenberg. Extremely dry teutonic humour, practical and no bullshit.

By all accounts his health came unstuck due to complications with diabetes and he died in an Amsterdam hospital en-route to Germany for treatment.He will be missed by everyone that knew him here in Cambodia and beyond and is survived by his that partner Mint.

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1 Response to Henning Wessel RIP

  1. Chang Noi says:

    I hardly knew Henning but I am sure his live did matter to others and on the final day that is all that really matters.

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