$15 heart attack


When I first moved to Cambodia my monthly power bill was about $50. Over the years with an addiction to AC and kids arriving (= several AC ) utilities crept up to a monthly peak of $230++ at our old villa in Russian market where we also paid $20 monthly waste fee. We just got our first power bill here at the new house. We have no AC (and I’m sleeping fine) ..just soft lights at night,a TV and fridge. The bill ? $14 for power. $1 for waste. Moving to this house has seen monthly outgoings plunge from $1300pcm all inc of rent, utilities and staff at our last place to just $350pcm for the same albeit with less space. For all you living back west that’s $11.30 a day / $87.50 weekly for a brand new ,two story ,3br , 2bath townhouse with car and dirtbike parking and rooftop chill zone all inc of power, water,waste, live in nanny and part time cleaner.

I’m.stunned.and stoked at the same time. There is allot to be said for downsizing. We are now { or will be when I get a new job ha ha ho ho cough splutter } saving money and
spending more quality time together…..and I’m loving it.

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4 Responses to $15 heart attack

  1. Catherine says:

    Ok. IM downsizing too then. Where are you now??? Any home for me around?

    • Cat ..we are still in boeung tumpun near wat San som kosal. We love it over here. Plenty of nice lwairngs and for the single person with just a.dog they are really perfect of you get the right one. It’s very easy to fall into the income begets expenditure trap !! I have the biggest smile on my face this afternoon ! $ 350 a month !!!!!!!!

  2. phnompenhparis says:

    thanks for the info, i might end up looking there. i’m tired of the place here (although it’s perfect, the landlords are far from being perfect…) and i have never approved of rent being a high post in my budget. in cambridge, uk, when everyone was paying £1000 all inclusive for a one bedroom, i was paying all included but cable £180 (rent and utilities) and was living right in the heart of the city. anyway, i am always looking to pay the least rent possible.
    can you just give me pointers by telling me the streets to the north, east, west, south, delimiting that neighborhood?
    my housekeeper pays around $200 a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom on three levels but no garden just north of 271 and i could live there too if i didn’t have a dog, but you know us, dog owners, we think our dog deserves the best 🙂 … always… so i definitely want a garden!
    for three years and a half, i felt bound by the UN regulations about security and now i just couldn’t care less… 🙂
    i think i’m game and ready to move now that they have hacked down the trees next door to build a new property. like i want to stay there… 🙂

  3. phnompenhparis says:

    it’s ok, i found it on the map (the wat), thanks!

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