Little rays of sunshine

This afternoon I took jirra for a walk and I found a little dead end lane past some houses that led to a wall overlooking some lotus ponds. On the way down the laneway I passed some men drinking beer and I said hello and wished them luck in Khmer. They laughed and I heard them comment on my Khmer . On the way back ,in perfect English ,they invited me and jirra to join them. The breeze blew, the conversation flowed in both dialects and one hour, several beers and a few new friends later and I am remembering why I love it here. The simplest things in Cambodia are just the best .

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1 Response to Little rays of sunshine

  1. Chochi says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while after discovering it as I was looking for blogs on Cambodia in preparation for a trip.
    It makes for entertaining reading!
    My best wishes to you and your family moving forward. Tough times are inevitable (and test your character) but you’ll realise they accentuate your strengths and that of your family & friends.

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