Ok. So the blog that used to be a good waste of time has been quite. Sorrrrrry…but if I write with the current head space I’d depress you !

But wait. In true phnom pen style you may all be about to witness a “are you serious?” Moment.

If it happens it will be the most interesting material since I started and will launch this blog back on to the top of your “must read daily” list …

Stay tuned..

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5 Responses to Wait.

  1. catherine says:

    πŸ™‚ be sure to tell us !

  2. David Shiel says:

    Well I for one will be waiting.

  3. Goyzer. says:

    You are all going to back to Oz ( Mum and crew as well ) to live on a farm. You will breed Alsatians and the wife will run an authentic Cambodian takeaway. The family will deliver the food on tuk tuks.

    Close ?

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