Takmeo ; 20 minutes out of the city and for sale.

Last week I took a couple of days off work to take a rest. Bad timing ‘cos the bloody heat cut in again but I took the opportunity to take a drive down to Takmeo and have a look around at some land and some houses for sale.

18mx64m $75,000 ( $65 / m2 )

Nice mature trees everywhere

First I looked at a simply heavenly block of land fronting onto the small river ( above ). Fully walled and with a hard title, existing freshwater well and dozens of mature trees ( coconuts, mango etc ) , this site is just gagging for a house to be built on it. Owned by a Frenchman living in …er….France, The $75k is negotiable considering the title costs a few thousand and there is about $10k in the wall alone, most of the hard work is done.

14m x 55m $100,000 ( $129/m2)

Room to move

Next ( above ) I went a mere 50m up the road and looked at a little cottage on a nice block of land . As usual the owner had built a crappie laid out house with no thought to form or function but nothing a few sledgehammers wouldn’t fix. The rear yard also needed some dirt dumped in it as it looked suspiciously low to me but it all had potential. After inspecting the land I was asked by the young Khmer chap if I wanted to visit some place he was involved with, some organisation or some such. With nothing but time on my hands but fearing I might be headed to a Scientoligists meeting, I said “sure what the heck” as time and time again this country has shown me you never know what lies around the corner if you open your mind.

Khmer dog trot

So imagine my surprise when my little side trip yielded a half Khmer/ half French kung fu and meditation instructing hippy sitting on a 3 ha plot with 4 atunninly restored Khmer timber houses on it. SHIT ! I had actually been past the place a few times and wondered what was in there but you cant see much from the road and there are no real formal fences or walls. Once inside though. PHWWOWOOWWOA. It just pans out everywhere and I felt very fortunate to be given a tour by the owner who at 50++ long  flowing grey hair and looked hard as nails .

Check out Chateau Le Bruce Lee here :

House number three was in a slightly different area closer to town but on the same little meandering river. I went to see the house next door and when I find out it had been sold I was about to leave when the owner of this place said ” mine is for sale too !”. The house had a two tier set -up. A lovely timber relaxing pavilion at the front of it and then just behind that there was a two story concrete / timber main house with 4 small bedrooms upstairs and a basic living area downstairs. Out the back the land went on for what seemed like eternity but was actually only 100m. Heavily planted out with bananas it was a veritable oasis of calm but at the price it was a tad expensive i thought. Shame it did not have a road at the back of the block because you could calve it into two halves and sell off 50m to regain some cash.

15m x 100m $160,000 ( $106/m2)

Old skool khmer

Where are we going exactly ?

Are we there yet ?

Heading back into town I found an altogether different proposition than the semi-rural environs of the river district ( see below ). Tucked away just near the center of town and ANZ bank etc I came across a house for sale  on a nice sized block of land with plenty of potential. A stand alone shop-house, it also had some oddities but again, all it needed was the odd wall knocked out and a kitchen and bathroom upgrade and its good to go. At the price I did not think it was too bad a buy as it had parking ( and mango trees ! )  at the front and a garden at the rear however it would not rent to barangs in that location and if you are going to go down to Takmeo then I reckon you should get out into the rural bit as its only 10 mins further and you are in another world.

8.30m x 38m $65k ( $206/m2)

So there you go. There are still some bargains out there for the hunter.

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