Leakhana’s 30th Birthday bash.

Leakhana has turned 30 at last. To think she was just 23 when I met her ! Weeks of planning culminated in a kick arse party at our house last Friday night. I believe it will be spoken about for a long time to come and we all had an absolute ball. I had Dan Meats come in and do a slap up bbq dinner, a DJ for some wicked dance music, a stunning cupcake tower with 100 different cup-cakes from Bloom Cakes , lotus and hibiscus leaves in the pond ,hundreds of tea-lights all over the garden and halogen spotlights highlighting up the mango trees etc. There was an open spirits bar and plllllenty of cold beer and wine. All our friends came and we partied hearty until 3am. The rain held off all night and the road was concreted the very next day so Buddha was definitely smiling!

Amongst other things I bought her a very expensive dress (and shoes of course) made by local designer Romyda Keth of Ambre fame and my wife looked absolutely stunning in it. She later changed into a sexy shimmery disco number complete with black feather earrings and everyone had to stand back as she cut a swathe on the dance floor with hubby and little Grace.

Great friends, great food and beverage, seriously great beats and one happy wife. She deserves it.

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2 Responses to Leakhana’s 30th Birthday bash.

  1. catherine says:


  2. marg says:

    happy birthday leakhana!!!!!looks like it was lots of fun,
    luv to all

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