How (not) to light a fire. Paul style.

Yesterday we headed ou to Paul and Aileen’s as it was Election Day a.k.a Everyone Gets On The Piss Day. Paul’s brother in law Em turned up absolutely faceless at 2pm and commandeers the lawnmower from me.  Clearly he has never used a Victor before and I fear it will only be moments before he flips it in the mud and defaces himself on the blades. Eventually Paul confiscates his license and we send him off to buy more beer. An hour later he comes back with some mates to help us drink the box and then it starts to absolutely pour with rain. Once it stops Paul decides in his infinite knowledge that with everything soaked to the bone, now is a good time to light a fire with 500ml of petrol as a starter. Here is the result……..

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2 Responses to How (not) to light a fire. Paul style.

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    Alcohol and petrol = bloody idiots

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