600km in 24 hours

On the road again..

Just took a run down the coast to inspect my installation at the Port and blimey what a turnaround. I left Phnom Pen h in the Land cruiser at 3pm on Monday afternoon and left via Takmeo and Stung Meanchay. Hauled arse at 120kmh all the way to Kampot in 90 minutes and then decided to stop at the Rusty Keyhole for a cleansing ale. Which turned into Bangers and Mash and 10 cleansing ales as Kris and I propped up the bar and shot the shit.Booked into the brand new, very pink and ultra clean and cheap Nay Nay Guest House right opposite Blissful Guesthouse (which is now looking decidedly tired ). At Nay Nay I got a double bed with lovely cotton sheets and comfy pillows, a TV, hot water, mini fridge and AC for…wait for it…..$13. Unbelievable value and my new hotel of choice in Kampot. The next day I shot across to Kep early to see our land. They have graded and fixed our road and it is now a joy to drive along, our block is green and verdant with LAWN all over it and the whole stretch of road in general is bustling with houses springing up. Mark my words – that road is a solid punt. Ill buy more when we sell the house for sure.After Kep it was over to Sihanoukville cutting across the bottom of Bokor Mountain along an increasingly patchy road and then out through the wastelands of Stung Hau – a god awful stretch of road through ugly barren hills. Always makes me think of Star Wars and Tatooine. I arrived at the Port to find my lads attending to a range of issues. Fibre optic cables not transmitting data, boom gates spazzing out due to tripped breakers, etc. So on with the hard hat and safety vest and away we go. Problems sorted I leave Port and head over to the sea front to buy some crabs and prawns for the wife at $7 a kg each. Ill take two of each please. I then point the car back towards Phnom Penh, its 30m and I need to haul arse to beat the dark. The run back is a breeze and I cut across Chom Chau and the outer dyke road and come in the back way to our house arriving at 630pm. Crack a tinny and then Crab Amok curry for dinner, Needless to say sleep was not oo far behind.

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