Roadworks ( Part One )

They ripped up our road just after we moved in and what had been a nice dirt lane quickly turned into a quagmire with all the recent rain. Together with some of our neighbors had only just paid for about 6 trucks of building rubble to be dumped out the front which certainly helped in cutting down the amount of mud we tracked through the house. On Saturday, the machines rolled in and it now looks like we are getting a new concrete road just in time for the elections and….hopefully….Leakhana’s 30th party. The guys did a pretty good job and day one saw the road graded and rolled in preparation for blue metal gravel.They only managed to take out one overhead wire and it was all hands on deck as we all assisted with shovels and picks etc to do the edges where the machine could not get at. A tub of cold beer was procured and it became a working party of sorts with everyone chipping in – even the kids.Here is part one of the process….

Here comes the bad boy

Electrical wires overhead ? Nothing two teenagers with a broken broom can’t fix.


Road-crew : Ice and Alex

Grace working on the road gang.

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