Just another sunny day in Cambodia !

Cambodia’s newspapers are firing on all fours this morning after a busy few days of forced evictions, land grabs, arrests and hemorrhoids etc.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Thirteen women (the oldest of whom was 72) who went to the Boeung Kak lakeside development to continue their support for families trying to rebuild their homes that were demolished were summarily jailed for up to 2.5 years after just 3 hours in court. Imagine that….one day you are standing up for a few piss poor families and the next day you are jailed for “Cursing Public Authority and encroachment upon the land of a public figure” …..in this case … CPP Senator Lao Meng Khin. The women were bundled onto a bus after being sentenced and were last seen screaming through windows to their extended families “look after my kids!! “. Jesus.

Related to the above, a senior Monk Venerable Loun Savath was “detained” by a group of plain clothed men and police officers after he showed up at the lakeside vigil and took photos of the women being arrested. He was whisked away and locked up in Wat Botum and Ministry of Cults and Religions (no joke….we have one) are yet to comment.

Meanwhile, up in Mondulkiri, police and military gave a group of villagers a deadline of 8am today to move out of their homes before they started burning them to the ground….as they had done to 50 other homes already. A Vietnamese rubber company has been given a concession on the land so the villagers have got to go. They have said they would rather die in their homes and will stay until the death so tomorrow’s papers should make for interesting reading.

Kampong Cham is a lovely area and I’ve spent many a weekend riding dirt bikes up there. Just don’t get on the wrong side of a land deal with your uncle……he’ll shoot you dead with an AK47 over a few thousand dollars which is exactly what happened to Noy Limseng when she went to close the deal. Old Uncle In didn’t like the terms and lit the house up with his assault rifle.

Also in Kampong Cham we have the suicide by hanging of Pov Kirivong, a reserve candidate for the Human Rights Party. It was deemed he had most likely killed himself due to depression over a long time illness identified as a “hemorrhoidal disease”. That must have been one serious set of arse grapes he was packing.

And now for the good news……

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