Where the chicken got it….



When I was a naughty little boy dad used to threaten “if you don’t behave you’ll get it where the chicken got it !!”….
I guess this is what he meant.

Fresh Jirra snacks.

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2 Responses to Where the chicken got it….

  1. catherine says:

    you give her the head, uncooked? my dog is so silly, he wouldn’t know what to do with it but burry it to rot until he’d get it back to eat on my bed (while he never ever wants to stay on my bed, except when he has had to barf the canned dog doof i tried to feed him twice though i know he hates it…)

    • Cat….I sperated the necks from the head and then Leakhana cleaned all the heads and made chicken stock with them. The heads and necks are a bargain at 6000khr a kilo and a great source of calcium which Jirra needs for teething and getting those ears up !

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