Jirra : Coming along just fine


                                             One ear up….one to go.

Jirra is developing fantastically. I cannot believe how impatient and hard on her I was in just her first few months. The poor little thing had such big shoes to fill coming in after Karma but Jirra has a fantastic, affectionate nature, rock solid nerves that get stronger every day as she grows in size and loses her puppy inhibitions and is already showing string protective instincts. We are now walking regularly and luckily we live in a great part of Phnom Penh that has nice quite streets and not too far from our house we can get out into some small farming land. She is great on-leash, does not tug or lunge etc and mostly ignores other dogs although there has been relentless training to get her to that. True to the GSD breed she just loves being with her family and will plomp herself down on a mat in the kitchen while Leakhana cooks or under my feet while I watch TV with a whiskey. She loves the kids and is very patient with them and she is much less “mouthy” than Karma was. Occasionally she will try to have a bit of a chew on my arm but quickly stops with correction. The other day Chris and I took our dogs out to Paul’s property and they rode in the back of the ute. Jirra and Reddy ( son of Coco the wonder dog ) are both only pups but they did not play around and were both very well behaved with no barking or scatty nerves whatsoever. Jirra’s coat is rapidly losing the lovely soft puppy fluff and the coarser black permanent coat is coming through. I think she is going to lose the liver / tan color I love so much and end up a true black and tan GSD but she will never lose the amazing hazel colored eyes that I love so much. They give her a really soft natured look. The left ear is up first ( right you were Chris ! ) and when the right goes up she will really look a fine dog and yesterday she had her final vaccinations against rabies and the vet was well impressed with her condition.


                                      How can you not love those eyes !


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7 Responses to Jirra : Coming along just fine

  1. catherine says:

    SHE IS SO CUTE !!!

  2. cindy says:

    She has such a beautiful face! And those eyes…

    • Cindy I really can’t believe how lucky I seem to have been with these dogs. I read gsd forums and see the troubles some people have and I relate to any of it !? Jirra just improves daily on all fronts and is sooooo affectionate its fantastic.

      • cindy says:

        Maybe you have a more ‘pure’ version of the gsds there. I mean without all the puppy mills, poor breedings, etc. You certainly have hit the jackpot twice!

  3. hmmmm…well i don’t know about that but i think training,discipline, space, socialization and lots of love go a long way to giving a dog a good start ! I would definitely get another dog from this lady. I told you she was $200 right ? 😉

  4. cindy says:

    And I thought I got a good deal at $500 for Stosh!

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