I have NO idea what that says……

I have had the weirdest and scariest experience this week. I went to work on Monday and around 9am my eyeballs started stinging and when I say stinging….think of someone dumping washing liquid into your eyes. By mid afternoon I could take no more and I somehow managed to drive the car home. I then spent the next 18 hours rolling around in bed in sheer agony taking cold showers and flushing my eyes continually with water. I eventually crashed out from sheer exhaustion.

The next day ,Tuesday, was a holiday so again i spent most of the day in bed. By now the stinging had stopped but my eyes were very sensitive to light and at times i had trouble keeping them open. Almost like my eyelids had lost power. Wednesday and Thursday have seen gradual improvements but I still have these very “lazy” moments where my eyes just kind of drift off and lose interest in seeing for me. Its particularly scary when I’m…ahem…. driving in the traffic. It seems worse at the end of the day when my eyes are tired.

I haven’t eaten anything strange, I was sleeping well, didn’t get bitten ( that I know of ) by any creature so this really has me perplexed. I am going to see a recommended Ophthalmologist tomorrow morning so ill let you all know what i find out….

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