The ( way ) less than $23,000 house.

I know I know you are all sick of reading about the weekender I will keep planning and dreaming about until I die of old age however with the house in Australia on the market and offers coming in….it might actually happen. I cannot remember what I was looking for when I stumbled across this project but I am IN LOVEThis canteen was built with a budget of $5000 by MIT students for a school up in Siem Reap and its simplicity, functionality and cost effectiveness just scream UNREAL to me. I am a big fan of concrete and tin and with some slightly more upmarket finishing like a nice terracotta tiled floor and polished terrazzo counter tops and then a bunk room added on to it. ….. I think this would make a seriously brilliant weekender. Check it out and let me know what you all think..


Ampil Peam school canteen, Siem Reap.Image

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1 Response to The ( way ) less than $23,000 house.

  1. Lucky Seven says:

    Good idea , so simple , go for it . I want one too !

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