Road works Cambodian style

The panama canal ???

Our lovely little red dirt back alley is now a bad day in Baghdad . Looks like the US Marines came through in a convoy of tanks . Late last week the machines rolled in without warning and whilst all the locals grabbed their shovels and hoes and started screaming loudly ” TAKE UP ARMS !! FORCED EVICTIONS !!!” the concrete pipes told me that is was our turn to get new drainage. I arrived home after work and was blocked at the turn in to my lane  by a chap with a walkie talkie saying the road was impassible. I politely explained the virtues of owning a diesel LandCruiser, jumped out, engaged 4wd and proceed to EAT the mud strewn lane way alive. To their credit they dug,laid and back filled to past our house on the first day allowing us minimal disruption. I then spent an hour to my neighbors amusement using the LandCruiser as a steam roller and smoothing out the stretch form our gate to the road. Hopefully it will all be back to normal before Khmer new year but I hope they don’t concrete it because I like living on a dirt road !

Our gate on the LHS. Careful of the culvit holes !!

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