Pimping your office 1-2-3

We are in the process of moving to our newly built facility out near Northbridge School. Its been 2 years in the making but we are finally ready to consolidate all our businesses and staff under one (huge) roof. With two stories of office space and a massive warehouse, it is actually a dual set-up and we will be sharing with AusKhmer foods which is great cos it means Ill have everything i need for the fridge right downstairs. Its a bit of an extra drive for me but its a great space and we have a huge staff kitchen with flat screens, a boardroom and bbq areas with landscaped gardens. The Cambodia Country Club is across the road so I intend on swimming laps. I have a very nice office that the boss kindly built for me so I have taken the opportunity to pimp it. I went out there yesterday with two young chaps and this is how it came out……


Unrolling the custom bamboo prints






Two Side windows were also done


Inside looking out


Et voila - pimped ! including frosted strips.

Still to come – a new desktop with large flat screen , a custom made desk the Japanese carpenters are making and some nice artwork for the walls……..






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