Deadset the best $50 I ever spent

A little while ago I saw a tiny ad in the Phnom Penh Post advertising a company that wall mounted flat screen TVs. I ripped it out as I thought it might come in handy one day and yesterday I finally gave them a call. A very nice young lass answered the phone in perfect English and asked me a few questions about TV type and size etc and we agreed on 4pm . At 3.50pm I got a phone call from the installation man who was a little lost but with a few directions he arrived bang on time. Amazing.

Mounting the bracket

He hopped off his moto and grabbed his tool box,drill and as requested by my he had come prepared with several different brackets to choose from. All made in China and all of excellent quality. With the aid of a few family members we decided on a location and the height and with military like precision the technician went to work. We decided on mounting the TV right in the corner of the room as it leaves the main large wall open for a piece I am going to commission especially for the space. I am not sure what but I want something with wow factor. At any rate ,if we had gone down the stock standard route of putting the TV straight onto the wall, it would have rendered the space useless. The bracket is a tri folding style so the TV can be neatly tucked back against either wall.

Wall mounting in process

The end result. Perfect.

An hour later and the TV was mounted securely to the wall and all I can say is FANBLOODYTASTIC. I have never had a wall mounted telly before and seriously it is the only way to go. The location is perfect as it will allow us to position two 3 seater sofas in front of it as well as a few chairs and then everyone can enjoy . The cost ? $38 for the bracket, $7 for the installation and I was so impressed I tipped the guy $5.

As for the wall…..well….here are a few ideas I have ;

This was my number one choice but the file I lifted from the internet is too small


This is a real possibility. Love the green hues.

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2 Responses to Deadset the best $50 I ever spent

  1. catherine says:

    WHAT’S THEIR NUMBER?!!! i need the same done, twice 🙂

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