The boxing you have when you are not having the boxing


Right tickets. Wrong night.

Last night Chris and I ventured out to CTN Studios to watch the Best of Asean kick boxing. As a result, I had to send the following email to the the boss at CTN ;



Just a note to say how terribly disappointed with the boxing we were last night.

 a)      The parking situation was terrible. There were so many spots to choose from it left us very confused

b)      The attendance was terrible. We were the only ones there which meant the atmosphere was rather dull.

c)      The VIP section was way too big for the amount of VIP guests there ( 2 ) . We just could not decide where to sit .

d)      The boxing never started leaving us perplexed.

e)      The staff were very rude and looked at us like were idiots all night.

 Can we get a refund ?


Basically…..the boxing is tonight. *facepalm*



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