Another taster

Panning from kitchen.....

....across through the living room.

Tri-fold doors open the room to the garden.

The living room floor and wall painting is now totally finished thank Buddha. We used 600x600mm imported ceramic tiles from Indonesia with a texture to them . The paint is called “Cream with Cucumber” or some such. It is probably the best colour EVER for this climate as it has the mental effect of cooling and calming you right down the moment you walk in the door. The room is now one of the nicest living rooms you will walk into……anywhere and I can sit the for hours looking out through the huge tri fold doors to the lush garden beyond…..

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5 Responses to Another taster

  1. nb says:

    Hi Justin,
    The new place looks great. May I ask how much it costs a month (how much does it cost per month)? What general location?

  2. Sarah Garnett says:

    OK glad it wasn’t just concerned Auntie Sarah that commented on the fish pond. Considering the number of children that have drowned in pools in the last few months in Australia, it’s a major worry to have water of any depth around small children.

  3. Deb Moore says:

    Justin, I’ve been an avid follower of your blog since it began. My son met his beautiful Khmer wife about the same time, (Kunthea was working at the ‘Hope and Anchor’), and after marrying in her homeland, Takeo province, with both families in attendance, they moved back (at – Tia’s – wish) to make their lives here in OZ. It’s been interesting following your different paths.

    Are you planning to bring your family to visit Oz?

    I must have missed something about how you found the house, (LOVE IT btw!) where is it? (I know PP vaguely, after two visits). Was it the house you sumbled upon, many posts back? Would love to hear more

    • Hi Deb,
      Glad to hear someone reads my blog ! ;-). . I have not been home to Australia since I moved here. Various reasons ; I spent the firs couple of years here earning very little money as I got established and when I used free time to cover the country on a dirtbike with mates. Then kids came long etc etc etc but yes I must get my wife over there soon or she will kill me .Our new house we saw advertised on a website and although it was more money than we really wanted to spend, we could not say no. It is over the dyke road st 271 near Hope School.

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