Now THIS is a phone


Samsung Galaxy Note ( LHS ) vs Samsung Galaxy S2 ( RHS )

You might remember I bought the Galaxy S2 for my wife as a Wedding Anniversary present and she was absolutely thrilled with it. Problem was….it made me realise how much my little LGP500 android absolutely sucked the fat one. The LG was a great starter android but the new breed made it look woefully small and it was also woefully slow. I needed a new phone and the S2 got me thinking and dreaming and wishing. So one day after yet another frustrating tussle with my LG midget I went to the Samsung shop, hocked that little bugger and after some umming and ahhing and deliberating I took the plunge and walked out with a spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note. I wasn’t 100% the whopping size ( it has a 5.3″ screen )  was going to suit me but I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and ………….

When Sally met the Galaxy Note..

The phone / mini tablet whatever you want to call it is just amazing and once you have mastered gripping it and not dropping it like a bar of soap in the shower, it starts to rock your world very quick. Movies and internet play and load at blistering speed, the camera is amazing and when your eyesight is fading like mine….the huge screen is just a joy.

The wife wasn’t so happy I have trumped her but as I told her ” this is a business phone for business people…it wouldn’t suit you….plus you have tiny hands so……..”.

If you have been thinking about a Note and are sitting on the fence…..don’t. They are fantastic.


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1 Response to Now THIS is a phone

  1. David says:

    You are going to have to buy your wife one! that’s a promise.

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