The New Manse ; A quick taster

Backyard Panorama

It has been the most hellacious 4 days ever.We are finally out of the old digs and into the new pad. It has been an exercise in extreme logistics with new house being renovated, old house being cleaned, staff coming and going,trucks coming and going, landlords old and new being navigated,stressed out wives being placated and me in the middle trying to remain sane and in one piece physically.

The huge fish pond gets a makeover

Gracie finally gets her turtles . First there were 5 then one escaped.....

We still have a stack of work to do to get this oasis up to scratch. AC need servicing, fans need installing, genset needs to be hoisted in and hooked up, living room needs to be painted when the tiling is finished, kitchen needs some reconfiguring to fit the oven etc etc but its a great space for the family and should make for a great party house. Stay tuned……..

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4 Responses to The New Manse ; A quick taster

  1. David Shiel says:

    Moving in any country is at times very stressful!

  2. Goyzer says:

    Hi Jus , extremely nice !! very well done mate.
    One thing pal , get something over that pond….

    All the best !

  3. Goyzer says:

    yes mate , from one dad to another when I saw that it made me shiver, didnt doubt for one second you be sorting it tho !
    cheers Jus.

    ps in the UK you can get a rigid cage type set up , knowing you I’m sure you could make one up yourself !!

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