Jirra : Welcome to the pack

Crated up on day one

Jirra arrived home on Saturday. They say a dog should never be removed from a litter before 8 weeks and she is just over 6 weeks. Reasons I brought her home? She was already off the tit and was being fed baby formula for every meal and she was not getting much stimulus,toy time or affection where she was.  Yay ( the owner ) was going to give them all a dose of human..yes…human….strength pin-worm medicine and besides – I could not wait any longer ! So home she came. Grace was in the shower when I got home so I had Jirra follow me into the bathroom and when Grace saw the puppy her look was golden ! ” OH LOOK AT THAT !! A PUPPY !!!” . She hurriedly got dry and for the next few hours it was pick up put down pick up put down pickup put down etc. Even little Angus got in on the action . I scored huge a near brand new crate for $60 off a French lady ( a bloody bargain ! – its worth about $120 here in Cambodia ) and the training has begun.Night one was pretty hectic. This little pup is way more vocal than Karma ever was. She has already let rip with her little bark a few times and then last night was howling when she wanted to go outside for a pee. Her coat is much fluffier than Karma’s was which means ( I believe ) as Karma was short haired, Jirra is probably going to be a standard stock coated GSD. She certainly has energy to burn and is already showing classic German Shepherd velcro tendencies and follows us everywhere. Kirra also has razor like teeth and nails so watch out everyone !

Grace and Jirra

Angus and Jirra

Angus gets mooshed

Oh yeah and the name Jirra ? It’s aboriginal for Kangaroo !

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5 Responses to Jirra : Welcome to the pack

  1. sjhammel22 says:

    Oy she’s cute!! Congrats!

  2. CATHERINE says:

    congrats! she looks fab and the kids seem to be having a great time with her! 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Congratulations! Such a little cutey!

  4. Auntie Bell says:

    Cute Rort!!! xx

  5. Goyzer says:

    Nice one Justin ! Congratulations

    get that clicker going…..!!

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