New Puppy ; One week to go.

Just paid my weekly visit to see the new pup. She is blossoming into a great looking little dog and her eyes, which might be hard to see in the images below, are just an amazing blue colour. They get me every time. She is big and healthy and follows me everywhere and I cannot wait to take her home and start training. The old lady ( who assures me she is the smartest and least whiney )  was pushing me to take her today but 6 weeks is too early so I told her at least another week.

My smile says it all

The old bent over yay who I lucked upon..

Nice tan markings


Brothers and sisters

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3 Responses to New Puppy ; One week to go.

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    Very cute!

  2. Dave says:

    Fantastic! They’re sure cute little devils! Have you picked out a name yeet/


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