Grace; First visit to the Dentist

Under the gun with Dr Dave

Grace went to the Dentist yesterday for the first time. We noticed last week she has some cavities in her rear molars and whilst she was VERY excited waiting in reception, she wasn’t to chuffed when we got into the room with all the apparatus. Eventually with some cajoling from Dr Dave,some cunning stunts from Leakhana ” Vichea doesn’t go to the dentist he is a VERY bady boy ! Gracie is a GOOD girl !” and some outright lies from Daddy ” we’ll go see some puppies after this !”….Grace opened up and the Doc went to work with some amalgam fillings.  I was extremely proud of my little girl as she relaxed and showed no fear. Pretty sure many kids would have screamed bloody murder.Needless to say I have read the riot act regards feeding candy and cake……………….

Little trooper

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2 Responses to Grace; First visit to the Dentist

  1. Auntie Bell says:

    Bit young for fillings – what is my niece eating????

  2. Apparently extremely common in countries with no fluoride in the water .

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