Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary.

Hardcore phone pron.

Apparently books,fruit and flowers are traditional 4th year anniversary presents. Now…anyone that is married to a Khmer woman knows that whilst flowers are not a bad start….books and fruit would be like taking a bucket of warm sloppy poo to a party. You would end up with it dumped on your head for sure. Buying gifts for Khmer wives is really very straight forward. Land,diamonds,houses,cars and phones. That is basically all they want…in ever increasing sizes and value of course.

Definitely NOT phone pron

So with our 4thWA approaching I was in a bit of a flap. We have land here, a house in Australia and diamonds ( apparently not enough or the right size though ) and a car is a little OTT so luckily Leakhana’s phone crashed a few weeks ago. She has been using a crappy spare Nokia as a replacement ( see above ) and anyone who is married to a Khmer woman knows that them being seen about town with something like this is akin to them going to a party with a bucket of warm poo on their heads. Apple iPhones have ruled the roost here for a couple of years amongst the Khmer fashionistas despite the fact 80% of them would never use its full functionality. Along comes Samsung with huge billboards, TV ads,promotions in the street etc and BOOM, everyone is dumping iPhones left right and center. Leakhana has been glazing over everytime  the Samsung ad comes in telly so it was a no brainer.

I was finally able to prove to her I am not tighter than a duck’s butt and when she opened her shiny silver parcel this morning ( I wrapped it in Alfoil – how classy is that !) she just about fell off her chair. She is now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2 in ceramic white and I have to tell you….this phone is the shiznit. It is slim, has a huge 4.3″ Super Amoled screen and with dual core processors – it is lightning FAST. Basically,I wish it was mine !! I played with it for a few hours last night and I am struggling to use my tine LG now. IN turn I received several pairs of very nice Diesel Jeans and a few other odds and sods – all much needed.

After all that excitement, tonight will be flowers, cocktails at Raffles le Royale and a womantic dinner at Atmoshphere.

Happy 4th Sweetheart !

mwwwaaaaaaaah !

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9 Responses to Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary.

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    OMG she’s stuck with you for 4 years! Well done Leakhana!

  2. sjhammel22 says:

    Mike got me one for Christmas and I LOVE IT!! 🙂

  3. marg says:

    happy anniversary !!!!!i can’t believe it’s 4 years already, all my best wishes to you both,luv marg

  4. LaudJohn says:

    We recently had our 4th anniversary too. We both forgot it until I opened a card from my mother a couple of days later. I thought it was a Christmas Card.

    Just wait, Leakhana will want a tablet/ipad for her Birthday now.

    I do also agree with Sarah.

  5. catherine says:

    did you like atmosphere? went there for christmas day lunch, paid an arm and a leg and more and had really common food and bad service, will never ever go back and will voice my bad experience! so, did you have a good time or did the owner stand at your table next to you until you pick up the bill and leave ?

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