Back on the dog horse…almost…..

I have spent the last two months obsessively trying to track down my next dog. And when I say obsessively….I DO mean obsessively. Picture a ferret hunting rabbits. A miner looking for nuggets.A Khmer girl and diamonds. You get the picture. I sourced those wonderful Malinois and Dutch Shepherds in Thailand but at the end of the day that was going to get a little expensive with flights accommodation etc and then a possible hassle with paperwork etc. I also tried to organise a mating here in Phnom Penh between some people who had bitches with Karma’s father ( George ) as the sire but people are fickle in this town. You almost have to stalk them to get any kind of result and after a while it’s just tiring.

As mentioned the other night I went over to Sindre’s house to play cards and was almost knocked over when his 3 month old puppy “Tony” bounded out to say hello. I took one look at the massive pawed youngster and said HOLY CRAP that’s a German Shepherd pup ! Turns out his mother in law had left the gate open one night and their first dog went for a walk never to be seen again so she went out and bought them Tony as a replacement. I started babbling on like a heroin addict needing a fix. ” screw the cards let’s go out there NOOOOW !! “. Unfortunately his mother in law was in the provinces, did not have the phone number for the place and I had to wait for a few days until she returned. I was told there were two more pups available and of course I am paranoid they will get sold.

Three days turns in to a week and by now I am slathering but yesterday at 7am I took the his very accommodating  MIL out to Phnom Penh Thmey. I am not really sure what to expect as details are a bit sketchy. I fear we will get out there and will be told “sorry…sold the last one yesterday” or find that they have lots of poodles but no German Shepherds or worse…..will not find it at all. It is early so we have a smooth run out there and we are soon pulling up to a little compound at the end of a dusty cul-de-sac.I can hear some dogs barking and they are clearly BIG dogs as the sound is booming. We walk through the gate and I see a couple of large German Shepherds in cages but there are no puppies in sight and my heart starts to sink. The MIL talks to the old Yay ( grandma ) sitting on the daybed and the Yay points behind me . I turn around and there in front of me is a lovely big cage lined with clean tiles and some blankets and in that cage are 7 HUGE fat silky puppies. NIRVANA ! I can barely hide my excitement as I open the door and a few wake up and womble out onto the cement slab. I pick one up to have a good look at it and yes indeedy folks….these pups are the real German McCoy. Blue eyed and soft coated, they are absolutely beautiful with 5 females and two males making up the litter. There are a few very dark/black coated pups including two very robust females ( which is what I am after ) and then the rest are a bit lighter but all obviously with the tan pips and flashings.

The gang.

One little girl

So I wack down a deposit and thank god I have learnt how to speak Khmer because I am able to clearly communicate that if possible I want pick of the litter and I want a female. I am told that several are going to Siem Reap but I am told that yes…I can have pick so we will see how that turns out. At any rate, the pups are healthy and being looked after and I cannot wait to get my hands on one and start training again. I really REALLY miss the interaction and rewards that come with watching a dog develop so stay tuned……

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8 Responses to Back on the dog horse…almost…..

  1. LaudJohn says:

    I read more about your dogs than your kids, especially Angus, he hardly ever rates a mention in comparison…

    But I am pleased for you and good move on going a bitch, I reckon they make better dawgs as no matter the species, most males they tend to think with their…..

  2. gavinmac says:

    How does pick of the litter work? Did you pick one out then, or do you have to wait until they are a certain age?

    Wouldn’t a Khmer just sell the pick of the litter to someone else in the meantime, then when you come back to make your pick, there will be only six puppies, and he’ll tell you, “Oh, one died.” Maybe I’m too cynical.

    • Normally pick of the litter is just that GM. You wait until the dogs are ready to go home at 8-10 weeks and you then go and pick ! I usually perform a modified Volmer test which assesses the dog for it’s confidence ,dominance and a few other things and then I see how they are interacting with the pack etc . This lady told me I could have pick BUT I haven’t paid any extra for the privilege. There is one particularly robust dark female that stood out and I night just go back in a week and give her some more money and secure it.

  3. gavinmac says:

    I would do that. My fear would be that someone else shows up with money in hand at 7.5 weeks prematurely walks off with the best one. Bring a can of pink spray paint and label the one you want.

  4. Dave says:

    Do it! Who dares, wins!


  5. You guys will be pleased to know I have had the pick and believe it or not despite the fact I thought I was going to go for one of the big,fat,mostly black pups, I am pretty sure I chose the very one above ! She has the most beautiful BLUE eyes and a really lovely lighter colored coat.

    Dave – possible a red sable ???

    2 more weeks.

  6. Adam Wood says:

    Hey, do you think you could give me directions to that place that sells GS puppies? We also live and work in Cambodia and have been looking for one here. My number is 077-996-124. I am familiar with PP Thmey. Thanks much.

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