Weddings and Poker ; Winning

On Thursday afternoon after work I met Sindre at his now leased-out bar in Russian Market and with a Malaysian shark called Roland, we dabbled in a little threeway poker. Roland raped Sindre and I broke even at the last minute thanks to a meaty last hand win over Roland.

Friday evening rolled around and we went to the pre-wedding part of the children of Okhna someone and HE Someone else ( him the Cambodian Ambassador to Thailand ). The bride is Tra’s first cousin and so I finally got to meet his father who is one of those guys who has a very nice aura about him. We shook hands and smiled at each other and nodded our heads in a silent agreement ” nice to finally meet you after all these years…..”. The villa on Monivong looked lovely and the 18 year old Chivas Regal flowed. Grace ran around in bare feet and Tra called out the back to drink and dine with “the boys”, many of whom I had met before with a few new faces.Good lads.

After a few drinks I had a hankering to play cards again and before you could say hey presto, Leakhana and I were over at Sindre and Roth’s villa with Roland the Rapist, an esky full of beer and a bottle of Glen Fiddich on the table. With Roth’s younger brother David pouring industrial sized Scotch and sodas we started in earnest and Leakhana had a huge win first hand of the night. As the booze flowed and the chips came and went, my stack increased steadily as did Leakhanas whilst Roland the Rapist could do nothing right this night. Coming in to the home straight with almost all the chips in front of me and Roland and Sindre having re-bought in several times, I all in everyone with remaining stacks and take the lot. Around $220.Thanks for coming.

The other big news on the night…..Sindre and Roth just took delivery of a GORGEOUS black and tan male German Shepherd puppy called Tony from a family who seem to be breeding them in Phnom Penh . I begged Roth to call them then and there but I have to wait for contact details so stay tuned…

The following night we went to the actual wedding at Koh Pich.My wife looked absolutely stunning in her new Ambre dress ( vivid red silk ) and her old school hair style a la Grace Kelly 1950s. Over one thousand people attended with the who’s who of top CPP dudes milling around. I could not really drink due to the previous nights excess so I just relaxed and watched the masses around me guzzle down Heineken and Chivas regal like it was the last night on earth. The band belted out tunes and the dance floor was packed with young  and old doing the twist and the macarena etc. Good clean fun but I was damn glad to get home at 11pm I can tell you.

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2 Responses to Weddings and Poker ; Winning

  1. gavinmac says:

    Roland the Rapist? That’s an unfortunate nickname.

    • So name because the first time he played with my friends he was all ” oh i never play this game what are the rules etc” and ended up fleecing them all. Then the night I met him he fleeced my Norwegian mate ( who is VERY good ) and almost fleeced me to if it were not for a last hand take back rake on my part. The last time I played them ( as per this story ), I left Roland the Rapist all torn and bloodied with his pants down and his ring hole hanging out.

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