Words fail me....

The papers have been full of news about the latest eviction here in Phnom Penh. Some families had held out for fair compensation from a development company and in the end the bulldozers moved in, flattened their house with all their belongings still inside and they were then shunted to a dusty shithole some 40km from the city that has no running water,no power and no shelters. So they decided to protest further and as a result….some of them got arrested, thrown bodily onto a bus and wacked in a prison.

This goes on every day here in Cambodia however… per above….this time the local authorities have excelled at being the lowest scum in the world “arresting” babies and tots as well. What a bunch of mother*******. Seriously sometimes I wish I was a winged avenger who could show up at moments like this and wreak bloody vengeance on shit stains like this. I would chop of their testicles, stuff them in their mouths and then stick their batons so far up their ring holes they would look like popsicles.

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2 Responses to SCUM OF THE EARTH

  1. CATHERINE says:

    THANKS for that, if only it could make people more aware of what is going on..

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