Hillbilly Tower Auditing

Cue Banjoes - dingaling ding ding ding ding ding diiiing

There is a really bizarre show on Discovery called Hillbilly Handfishin’ and it showcases the good ol’ boy pastime of catching catfish with your bare hands. I shit you not. This wacky sport even has its own name – noodling – and as it turns out it has been around for ever and a day. To noodle all you have to do is crawl around in the muddy waters of whatever river is holding the fish and when you locate an under-hang at the bank and feel a tail sticking it, you stick your hand down the fish’ throat and wait for it to bite you. Jeeeesus !!

Anyhow….I have my own hillbilly noodler working for me right now on our tower project as Project Manager. Sean is a good ol’ boy from the backwoods of Chicago and he was raised on chittluns and cornbread. He feels most comfortable when he has a wad of tobbaky on his lip and a Coors light in his hand and he just lerrrrrrvs the Indy 500. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit diggedy dang. When Sean isn’t chasing catfish tail in the Mekong he can be find chasing soft tail in the bars and he spends spare time sitting on his porch wittling with his Gerber machete. Gotta love them good ol Chicago boys……YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAH.

                  Sean “Noodles” Guinane
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