New Year’s day at Chris’ house

Had a very quite New Year’s Eve due to some over exertion with Chris the night before on New Years On the actual night itself I went out and bought some champagne, rose,red wine and a couple of cases of beer and with the family in high spirits – I promptly left them all to it and went to bed at 9pm !!

Lord of the Manor

12 hours in the cot and come New Year Day I am feeling back on my game so over to Chris and Ayha’s house we go with most of the younger family members and assorted groupies. Chris has built a huge pile over the river and with lawn freshly laid and a brand bew BBQ to christen, it was game on.

The Manse


Interior too

On the lawn

Leakhana takes aim

Inside looking out

Veasna and Srey Pek chillaxing

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2 Responses to New Year’s day at Chris’ house

  1. Dave shiel says:


  2. Dave says:

    Happy New Year, mate! Looks like a good time was had by all.


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