The Hunters visit

Its been a while between posts but work’n’all that…….anyhoooooooo

Angus,Dad,Grace,Lauren,Mark,Jade.....@ Sofitel Phnom Penh

We were just blessed with a visit from my old buddy Mark Hunter, his wife Tina and their two delightful daughters Lauren and Jade.I have known Mark since we started Sydney Grammar big school together back in 1981. That’s like….er….wait….um….30 years or something and I would have known Tina for almost as long as she was part of the  female crew moving around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney .So basically….very old friends and I had not seen them for well over 12 years or so. They have been living in Hong Kong and now Singapore for many years and popped down for a short visit and a stay at Sofitel.

They had no real agenda ( love visitors like this ) so after picking them up at the airport last Tuesday night we spent the next few days catching up over lunch and dinner and then yesterday we had a lovely afternoon at the Sofitel pool. Mark and I had a “few” drinks the night before so we were a bit dusty and the pool was a welcome respite and washed away most of the night’s excess. The kids all swam and even little Angus made it in for a dip much to the enjoyment of Lauren and Jade who were quite smitten with the little chap and left begging mum for a brother however Tina shot them down in flames with a ” sorry kids….the shop is shut”.

Last night we enjoyed happy hour at Raffles Hotel and then a great curry nosh at Mumtaz and this morning they fly back out for Singapore. It was just so great to  see my old chum after all these years and have our kids meet etc. He has less hair, I have more kgs but other than that…nothing had changed and we are both getting on with the business of fathering and…well…business so hopefully next time we see them will be up in Singapore.

All the best Hunts and family !

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