Adam and Larn come to visit

Leakhana,Grace and Auntie Larn @ Russian Market

My brother Adam and his wife Larn have just visited us for a few days and it was just fantastic to see them. They were on their way back from the Maldives where they had spent a week at a surf resort where Adam surfed his brains out all day and Larn did her best to set a world record for the most massages in a week. They looked thoroughly relaxed when they arrived and we spent a couple of days traipsing around the city and having dinners together. I had not seen Larn in almost 5 years and Adam was last here for our wedding 4 years ago so neither of them had seen the kids.

Striking a bargain at the market

Larn and Angus

I took Adam to Citadel Knives one day and he bought two beautiful folding knives. He loved the shop so much we went back the next day and he bought another 7 knives for all his foremen !! In total he dusted about $1200 in the shop and the saleswoman was all smiles when we walked out. We dined at FISH restaurant one night which was just a fantastic feed and last night as a send off Leakhana cooked her famous fish amok curry which went down a treat too.

So it was great to see them both and have them catch up with my family and see what we are up to over here. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see each other again !

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