Health Update

I feel a bit better thanks Nurse

Because  know you are all sooooooo concerned I can report the following ;

a) We took Grace to the Doctor and he thinks she has an allergic reaction to something NOT Dengue which is a good thing but still strange she broke out in a rash at exactly the same time i did. She is taking some syrup and some powders and is quite chipper.

b) Dengue is a bastard. The fatigue it gives you is really stealthy. I woke up yesterday thinking I was much improved and then fell asleep getting a haircut at 10am.  I went to bed last night at 7pm and slept 12 hours.This morning I had to hold a project meeting at my office at 9am and following that I took Grace and Karma over to Chris building site for 30mins because i was just gagging for some fresh air and a change of scenery having been stuck in the house for 5 days. I got home at 11.30am and then thought “geez I feel tired” so i lay down for a bit and woke up at 2.30pm ! Then….I went to the pub just to watch England v Scotland and I almost fell asleep at half time after a pie and one beer. Its just relentless and I feel a bit like an android phone battery. Just when i think I am fully charged I do a couple of small tasks and all of a sudden my battery is flat again and I need a sleep to revitalise.To top all that off now I am getting the flu.

Totally homered

Tomorrow my brother Adam and his wife arrive on their way home from a surf trip in the Maldives so I can only hope I find some strength somewhere to entertain.

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1 Response to Health Update

  1. Michael Secomb says:

    Dengue is tough, my wife had it in Thailand, so I’m glad its not that.
    Enjoyed the nurse too!

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