Dengue Fever

Check. Got all those.

I got it and it ain’t no fun I can tell you. I started feeling crook last Sunday with sore joints and back pain but initially i thought it  was just some bad food or something. Then come Tuesday I broke out in a rash everywhere so I knew something was wrong. Sleeping at night was  impossible due to fever induced hallucinations and a sore lower back making it impossible to get comfortable and then during the days I have been so lethargic I did not made it out of bed for about 3 days straight. Today I finally got out of the house to go to the Doctor and she picked it straight away. In fact, she is just getting over it herself . I now have a bunch of revitalizing  ampules to take and some orange flavored cod liver oil and I am hoping to be more chipper soon. Now…..I am off to bed.

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4 Responses to Dengue Fever

  1. Catherine says:

    Get Well soon! Am down with a gastro. But dengue, scarrrrrrrrrrry! Take care.

  2. Catherine says:

    Lucky you. A good excuse to be lazy!

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