Wooden Houses

Darryl's house in Siem Reap

There is an Australian chap up in Siem Reap who has been quietly sourcing, moving and restoring classic old Khmer wooden houses. Darryl Collins started with his own house which be paid the princely sum of $6500 for. Located on an Island on the Mekong river, it was then dismantled piece by piece and moved to his land closer to town. The results – well check out this bad boy ;


Interior detail


Ornate engravings

I had been to Darryl’s website some time ago but when I re-visited last week, lo and behold he has done a couple more houses that are also wonderful wooden structures and my mouth was soon watering. So I emailed Darryl and he put me in touch with his architect Hok Sokol. Leakhana and I have been doing some due diligence on a house we are thinking about buying in Takmeo but if that does not go through then the other way I am interested in potentially going is building a wooden house on the land in Kep . I wanted to get some idea of costs and Sokol just happened to be down from Siem Reap and in Phnom Penh so we met for a coffee on Saturday afternoon. We sat down with some plans I had printed off and Sokol was very helpful in giving me some estimates. A two level traditional house with 200m2 of floor space built from Koke and Teak is going to set you back about $400/m2 or about $80,000 but that’s complete ; Roof, under-house tiling,electrical,plumbing etc. That is a house that is going to last 100 years ++++. I must say I was a bit surprised at that cost . Koke ( a Cambodian Hardwood in short supply ) runs at about $650 m2 so it is a real luxury and I am going to ask around and see what the alternatives are as I don’t want to spend $80,000 on a weekender !¬† Where is the local Bunnings and its endless supply of H3 treated pine when you need it. !I really like the Kralanh House (bottom of page) with it’s separate wing. That would make a killer parental retreat……

Aranh House

Kralanh House

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