Review ;Papa’s Cafe Takmeo

Papa's Cafe

Here is a shameless little plug for a great café in Takmeo called Papa’s.  I have driven past this place many times on my travels thorough Takmeo and been meaning to go in for a look but have just never got around to it. Well I was down that way with the family on Saturday and decided it was time to check it out. We had not eaten breakfast beofre leaving the city and we wanted Pho so imagine our surprise when we saw that Papa’s had a sign outside advertising Pho ! Actually, the place is owned by a Vietnamese lady called Tee who was very welcoming. The cafe occupies a perfect position at the big intersection on the riverfront opposite the new boat-inspired restaurant and hotel development and it has a huge garden with lots of perfect lawn which Grace just loved running around on barefooted. With a lovely breeze coming off the riverfront and plenty of shade, Papa’s is just ideal for a family with kids ( and dog ! ) who want to get out of the city for a relaxed breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The Pho was acceptable and two bowls with two coffees and a juice came to $8. Highly recommended.

Mother and Daughter enjoying brekky.

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