The Cremation run

Kampot crematorium

On the way back from Kampong Cham on Sunday everyone’s phones started ringing hot. Mum’s last surviving brother had taken sick and was sent to hospital. An hour later he was on an oxygen machine and an hour after that he died. He was mid 50s. The next day I rang my wife for some reason and she was over other mothers apartment with all her sisters and they were figuring out how to get down to Kampot for the cremation service on Wednesday ( yesterday ) . Pretty much everyone wanted to go so I simply offered to drive them all down in the Landcruiser as it has 7 seats.  Off we went at 7am after a quick team bowl of Pho and with a clear shot at Kampot and the truck running at 120kph, we were there 90 minutes later. Whilst he family did the family thing, I went and had a cup of tea on the riverfront and I was soon phoned and asked if I could pick up 4 monks from the Pagoda so I scooted over there and picked up the young lads much to their enjoyment. The dude that sat in the front asked me a few questions in perfect English and when he heard I was married to a Khmer lass…” Is she good looking ?” was his simple question. Struth. A truck arrived and the coffin was loaded into the back of it and after a slow drive with everyone walking behind, we soon arrived back at the Pagoda where Ohm was loaded into the crematorium and sent on his way. After a quick visit to the Kampot market to load up on fish  ( $1.2o/kg vs $3.00+++ in Phnom Penh ) we were on our way and as usual within minutes everyone in the car was asleep…….

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