Review ; Game of Thrones

GOT....Great Stuff

I am not a huge fantasy genre fan. I mean..when I go to sleep at night I certainly have the odd one that usually involves….oh…..never mind .Of course I loved the Lord of the Rings series (  who didn’t !? ) and I was brought up on The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe BUT I am not one of these geeks who gets off on elves and pixies and dragons etc.The last couple of times I have been to Russian Market to get DVDs my man there has tried to foist this series on me and I have declined as a) when I asked him if there was plenty of blood and guts he said “ no not much at all” ( how boring – I love blood and guts in epics ) and b)  I am not sure exactly how well HBO would do a fantasy series but then I saw a review in the Sydney Morning Herald about Game of Thrones and I decided to get it.

Last night Leakhana and I sat down together to start the series and all I can say is PPPPHWOOOOOOAAAWWWHHHHHH ! Three episodes in and we have had more beheadings than a day out in Talibanistan and more scheming and plotting than a 90210 pajama party. The scenery is awesome with much of the action taking place outside in beautiful expanses of forest, hills and heather ( I was guessing England or Wales but it is actually filmed mostly in Northern Ireland ). The costumes and sets are all of great quality with excellent detail and the actors are well cast and apart from the beheadings there is also a fair amount of bare flesh to…titillate.

Only downside to this brilliant new show is that we only have one season thus far and I can see it is going to get devoured quickly which will then leave us hanging out for Season 2.

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  1. Glenn says:

    One assumes you enjoyed Spartacus and the even better(!?!) prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, given your description of preferred viewing.

  2. Glenn says:

    Well, it will start next year in Jan. But with a different Spartacus as the previous guy has Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer at the moment. Filming commences this month. Also of note, Frank Miller, the guy who created 300, is drafting 3 other stories which have all been optioned by the same studio, around the same war: Marathon – the original battle between the Greek alliance and the Persians, Platea – the one which finally saw the Persians lay off Europe (a half naked, one-eye’d David Wenham is pretty scary) and an as yet unnamed story about the naval battle that happened at the same time as 300. The Greek navy managed to pull off a stunning victory against the massive Persian navy. Think Manny Pacquiao Vs Mike Tyson with a Pacquiao victory by KO. As long as historical accuracy isn’t a concern, there’s plenty of entertainment on its way.

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