New pup on the block

Chris dropped over with his new pup Coco today. Having seen Karma start out at 8 weeks he decided he wanted a German Shepherd ( YAY CHRIS !! )  and lucked out when a “pet shop” down the road got several puppies in. Coco is a lovely little pup with a calm demeanor and at 12 weeks already has sit,come,stay and shake hands nailed. She also walks wonderfully on a lead( Grace did the walking of course !)  so I am just thrilled for Chris that he got this dog . Karma huffed and puffed for a bit and they then settled down into some puppy play and as I told Chris, I cannot wait until Coco is bigger so we can walk both dogs down the riverfront and watch the sea of heads part.


Karma and Coco

Grace,Karma and Coco

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3 Responses to New pup on the block

  1. Dave says:

    All right! TWO good looking GSD’s in those pictures! Get your buddy signed up on that GSD forum and we can stir the pot!

  2. cindy says:

    Grace is quite the gsd wrangler! Glad Karma has one of her own kind to play with

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