Surprise Surprise it’s Sarah and Shane !!


So last Friday around lunchtime Leakhana was at home waiting for some friend of my sister’s to arrive at the house with some parcels she had transported over from Australia. I was running around like a blue-arsed fly when Leakhana rings me and tells me the person is an hour late and I tell her ” well….fuck em…..don’t wait if you have things to do……” and just as I am saying that I hear the dog go nuts and she tells me the person has arrived. About 20 minutes later I get a phone call from the wife and she asks me if I am coming home to meet this person and I am like” nope….too busy”. I am then told the person wants to speak to me and I dread this because I can see how the conversation might go ” oh we must meet up at *insert some dreadful white NGO hang out* for drinks …”. The phone is handed over and I hear on the other end of the line ” jesus Angus is a huge boofhead just like you….”………

Well roll me over and dip me in pig shit. It is my sister Sarah !! I ask stupidly ” are you actually in my house ??” as the tears well up in my eyes and then her husband Shane gets on the line and I am a mess. ” I’ll be right home…….”. This is really bizarre as I knew they were due to fly to Chile for a holiday.

As it turns out the dust cloud of volcanic ash swirling around the world has meant their flights to South America got canceled and so with the time off and the funds allocated they decided to come and see their newest nephew and also check on Grace’s progress.What a great surprise. it is just really nice to see family and have them see the kids too.

Sarah hands over The Owl and The Pussycat - a classic !

Sisters-in-law and the sprogs

Shane "Hey- that's MY nephew !"

That night ( Friday ) we went to Aussie XL for a dinner and then Saturday morning we picked them up and went over to Central Market as they both needed spectacles. We hit the seafood market whilst we were there and bought enough prawns, squid and fish cutlets to feed the entire mob. After procuring cases of Becks and bottles of wine I dropped them off at Villa Langka where they were staying so they could have a kip and we regrouped at the house around 5pm for a huge nosh with all the family on attendance.

Shane meet Karma.....Karma meet Shane

The Kids and I

Sunday we went over to Villa Langka with the kids for a swim and lunch and by now Grace had well and truly come out of her shell and is loving the attention from her newly discovered Australian Uncle and Aunt. She loves the pool and is really coming along with her paddling etc and after a big lunch of pizza and pasta everyone is rooted and needs to sleep.

Fish Amok rocks !

I took Monday afternoon off after catching up with a bit of work on Monday morning and took Sarah around to a few of the boutiques in town as she was keen to spend all the money that had been allocated to Chile. And spend she did. After a few cooling beers at Villa Langka we headed home for a few more cooling beers and Leakhana was preparing a  traditional fish amok at Sarah’s request and it did not disappoint. Grace sat up at the table with us and was besotted with Auntie Sarah and after dinner it was more dancing for the two new best friends.

Tuesday was our last day so early we headed to The Blue Pumpkin for breakfast which was great. We scoffed omelets while Grace scoffed ice cream ( a bit of a treat – I cant say no to my girl ! ) and afterward we headed back to Villa Langka for more swimming, a light lunch and then we got ready for Sarah’s much awaited sunset cruise . With the kids safely asleep at home we boarded the butterfly and cruised up the Mekong as storm clouds swirled and eventually exploded with lightning and rain. With Vodka, beers and nibbles on board it didn’t matter and a fine time was had with a dinner at Cantina ending off a great day.

Aboard The Butterfly

Fuel Barges up high

Fuel Barges down low

Primo riverfront real estate

More primo real estate

Blue Skies ?

So we were very lucky to have had Sarah and Shane drop in and what a huge and wonderful surprise it was. They got to see Grace all “grown up” and little Angus in all his chubby baby glory. I was just thrilled that Shane was taking lots of video to show everyone back home and the visit was all too short but better some time than none at all. I drove them to the airport yesterday and Grace was in tears at having to say goodbye to them.

Next stop……Langkawi, Malaysia.

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3 Responses to Surprise Surprise it’s Sarah and Shane !!

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    Miss your babies already…..Angus is now my iPhone screensaver. sniff sniff

  2. Hunts says:

    Hi Rort, it’s Tina. Sending you this on Mark’s computer but just letting you know I am trying to get down to PP in Oct from 4th to 10th on an ANZA advocacy tour for the charity Riverkids. Will let you know more details when I have them but was wondering if I could pop in and say hi to all of you? Congrats on little Angus BTW. xx Tina.

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