Struth what a weekend. The liver is screaming LEAVE ME ALONE after that one. Friday night was a poker party at Shane’s house that saw the host depart early after blowing a wad of cash and spitting the dummy big time after a bad beat and the rest of us continue on until 2am. I walked out with $80 in my rocket and felt rather shabby on Saturday. Around 3pm I was gagging for some food so went over to pick up Andrew at Lone Star , had a quick couple of bloody marys which helped enormously and then over to  Aussie Xl for a feed and a few beers. The glow gets going and so Andrew and I drop the car home and head to the Bougainvillea rooftop for half price cocktails…..several of them. That segways into California 2 and the women join us looking hot. We decide a spot of booty movement is the go so we head to Pontoon and my main man puts us in a private booth front and center where we are joined by even more gorgeous girls when sisters and cousins of all types arrive. Its me and Andrew and about 8 girls. The dance floor is heaving and the vodka is raining and things go very very sideways from then on…….

Sunday was a non-event.

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