The mixed bag weekend

It was just that. Friday I had the day off and if you must know although I was booked in for a vasectomy, I started jittering about 48 hours out and on the morning I chickened out. I went along to Marie Stopes and spoke to the lovely Australian nurse and explained my feelings and she was very supportive and agreed I should wait . Basically it came down to one single fact – I just want to wait a bit longer than 8 weeks after my last kid to do the deed to make sure everything is OK with Angus  . I am committed to the act but my head space was all over the place on the day and I did not want to feel like I had made a horrible mistake afterwards. So I arrived back home with my nuts intact and it was kisses and hugs all round “daddy still got nuts” parroted Grace and I was able to settle into a peaceful day off with my family.

Grace - mechanic's apprentice

First order of the long weekend was to take the sidesteps of the LandCruiser. These were actually Toyota factory originals and so were in excellent condition and rock solid, unlike most soft-as-shite sidesteps that everybody loads onto their vehicles here at the first opportunity they get . I really have no idea why they do it. They take about 2 inches of clearance of your car and when the city floods they create a hovercraft effect and 4x4s just look so much better without them so off they came. Grace was right there with me and she loves to get her hands dirty. Every father ( I think ) secretly wants his daughter to show tomboy tendencies and Grace is no slouch. Within minutes she could tell a “shifter” from a “spanner” and as I lay under the car with my body sticking out she sat on my chest and handed me the required tools with nurse-like precision. Grace reminds me a lot of my nephew Jim when he was very young. Jim followed the Garnett males around EVERYWHERE when we were working on the farm. He was just a very inquisitive little boy who loved helping his father, grandfather and Uncle as we chored away.

Leakhana gets a lesson in the step-less Cruiser

Saturday morning I took Karma for a run out on Koh Pich island after picking up a java at Brown cafe. We hit the construction tracks and she just loved running behind the car at 50kmh at full stride. On the way out of the restricted zone I slipped the security guard a half bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey I had in the car left over after John’s party last week and he was all smiles….further smoothing the way for future access. I had promised Leakhana driving lessons to bone up on her skills and so I went home, picked her and Grace up and we returned to Koh Pich. Leakhana had done driving her original driving lessons in a manual and I was stunned when she jumped in to the drivers seat, adjusted it, wacked it in first gear and drove off !! That’s my wife ! Half an hour later we were on the 400m gravel straight and Leakhana was accelerated through the gears to third as I pounded on the dashboard saying “GAS GAS GAS CLUTCH CHANGE GAS GAS GAS “.  She did a fantastic job and I was very proud of her as there is nothing sexier than a woman who can drive a large manual 4×4. Too many of the girls here drive Camry’s and Lexus RX300 “shopping trolleys” ( a car I personally DETEST ) so I want to get Leakhana totally confident in the LandCruiser. Then we can but another one HAHAHHHHAHHAAA.

Pool party

Saturday arvo we headed over to David and Martel’s for Jax’s 6th birthday party and then that night saw Leakhana playing cards with the girls while I joined Paul,Ang,Paula and Dan at the new Indian restaurant Mumtaz for dinner. Food was great but the 90 minute wait was shit. I went home after dinner and crashed and then Sunday morning being Father’s Day I got up early and went for coffee before returning home for a lovely wife-cooked breakfast and a pile of new underpants as a present. Sweet. I then took Karma for a nice long walk along Monivong Boulevard to Beung Trabek High School which is HUGE and has lovely palm trees and playing fields and grassy expanses. This being Cambodia anyone can just stroll in and I grabbed a water and went and watched some dudes playing some very sweaty volleyball. As I walked home I was myself dripping in the midday humidity so imagine my joy when I got home to find Leakhana and gone out and bought an inflatable swimming pool and it was ready to go with the girls already splashing around like otters!

That night Mum,Phalla and Tra came over with little Mae and we all sat down to BBQ lamb chop,chicken wings and cold beer. As the kids ran around I caught up with Tra and seems like nig changes are afoot for him. With Thea ( his boss and the  son of Defence Minister Tea Banh ) having been promoted to the rank of 1 Star General and moving into his military role,Tra will soon be moving into a Police role with the Ministry of Interior. Not sure what all this means exactly but it does mean Tra might not have to travel around the provinces so much which is a good thing. Around 10pm we all called it a night and I was soon pronate ( with balls intact ) and in a deep coma.

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3 Responses to The mixed bag weekend

  1. Hunts says:

    BTW I have driven a beast like that around Sydney and the farm – so does that mean I am a sexy chick too (ha ha) !!

    • Hunts says:

      Whoops – should of said that Tina wrote that, not Mark (now I am going to be in trouble !) and I think your blog is fab.

      • Kind of figured it might have been you Tina ! Glad to hear u r enjoying the blog and yes…if you drove an LC around a farm….you get life membership to the Sexy Chicks Club !! 😉

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