Poker : The new speed table

Shane has just arrived back from Australia with his new poker table. What a ripper it is too. Black speed felt with the 4 suites embossed in the material, padded rail and drink holders and steady as she does. He has turned the vacant apartment on the top of his villa into to a Poker Pit and Tiger Beer were kind enough to donate a bunch of marketing stuff for the bar.

Poker Master

Seeing as we all had not played for a while things started crazy early. It was a cash game with a $20 buy in and the first hand I went all in holding not only 999 but also a 9highstraight. Unfortunately Shane had the 10. *doink*. REBUY ! Next hand one of the US Marines Rui went all in and got wasted by the other US Marine Mike’s better hand. So yeah….$40 in two hands. HA. Curran and Rachel then turned up, Leakhana came up to play and all in all good fun. I dropped $80 and then got aggressive and raked it all back so I had a nil nil result on the night.

Many playaz and one speedy table


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