The most fun you can have with a water gun and an axe….

Weapon of choice ; The Karcher guerney gun

Last week I started Spring cleaning the garden. I like to to move plants around as I see how and where they grow best and that then turned into a bit of a tree pruning session. I then moved on to the tiles which had been grubby since we moved in and with the washing machine outside and spewing soapy water every other day they had also become slippery with moss. This was an accident waiting to happen with Grace running around and I just plain hated the site of them. Enter the Karcher Super Squirter. A gurney gun with enough juice to strip paint of your car. I am pretty famous in my neighborhood for being a mad water hound as I love nothing more than putting my board-shorts on, cracking a cold beer and watering the garden and spraying the yard clean for hours. This ADD-like habit comes from a few factors ….a) It is hot here so what better way to cool down b) I like a clean yard and a hose works better than a broom c) Water here is so cheap it is ridiculous and you could never do it back in Australia without getting arrested . So getting my hands on the Karcher was like a gun freak being given a .50 cal sniper rifle and being told to “shoot whatever you want”.  The results are just amazing. 6 hours of back breaking ( yes – it is hard work ) high pressure watering later and the tiles look like new almost. The lovely yellow colour has come back, the slippery-as-hell moss has gone and we can all run around without fear of going for a slide.  I also went to town on the front of the house and sprayed all the front walls and steps etc and then the mango trees copped it some more with my axe taking out some low hanging branches of considerable size. This has let in a tonne of light and breeze and has really lifted the place. All in all a very handy weekend . The place looks awesome and the kids and wife love it.

Very early shot of when we moved in last year - see the grubby tiles !

Same area now.....

Squeeky clean

Extra clean clean

The big pot gets moved and transformed. It will get a spotlight inserted for up-lighting shortly.

Oh go on more. Here you can see how much I hacked off the mango trees over the front fence and main gates as compared to below before..

Overgrown gates before....

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2 Responses to The most fun you can have with a water gun and an axe….

  1. Dave says:

    Your place looks fantastic!

    • Cheers mate. It is a great little pad in a pretty harsh city where you really need for your home to be safe,secure and special. Lots of elbow grease have yielded nice results….

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