Car Shopping in Phnom Penh

1997 LX450 $9000

The truck is getting a bit small what with two kids,wife,dog and nanny needing room so I went out and did some scouting around on the weekend ……

1.AROUND $9-12,000 ;
Toyota Forerunners aplenty at $12k but they are all petrol and small inside. I looked at a few older V6 Pajeros and saw one nice 1998 $12K but any of them under $10k were a bit ratty and dubious . I mostly concentrated on 1996|97 LandCruiser as it’s a great car, there are heaps around so parts are easy plus a Landcruiser will always resell easily to expats here. I looked at about 8 of them in varying conditions but all had an opening price of $9000.

1996 Diesel Landcruiser @ $15000

2. AROUND $12-15,000 ; There was hardly anything in this range.  I test drove a 1998 diesel LandCruiser with 220K on the clock and they wanted $15000neg for it . It was a real nice truck but I cannot see how they price this at $15,000 when for $4000 more you are in to the LX470 with a MAJOR increase in comfort ?

1998 LX470 @ $20,000. V8 vooooooooooom !

3. AROUND $15-20,000  I drove a 1999 LX470 at $20K and a 98VRX 470 at $19k just as comparisons to the older cheaper models. They were fully loaded with luxury everything at that price the market is wide open with Lexus, Prados ,Ford Everests etc etc  Australian Embassy is also selling two really nice cars – an 04 Pajero 45000kms Diesel Manuel and a 2003 LandCruiser 125000kms Diesel Manual . Both imported fresh from Japan. I have no idea how the tax thing works though……

I  then purchased five reports online and ran the VIN# of ones that presented really well . All came up clean before leaving the US with no accidents,thefts,fire,recalls etc although obviously there is no history years they have been in Cambodia . Odometers had all been wound back with most having done 120000kms++ before leaving the US despite odometers showing 65000KM currently etc .I am not so worried about kms on a Toyotas .

Habeus Corpus and all that………………….

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