Sokheng ; Household Help v4.0

Sok Heng and Grace

v4.0 has been with us for 6 weeks now and after a dubious start, things are improving. We got Sok Heng from a beer garden. Well, ok…let me explain that a bit more. I know an expat who has Sok Heng’s oldest sister working for her. The two younger sisters were both working in a beer garden and were hating the constant groping and shite conditions that go with that so they had started training with the sister in the hope of finding a housekeeping role. We interviewed both sisters and whilst the younger one was so painfully shy she could  hardly look us in the eye, Sok Heng had a nice smile and went straight for Grace which is always a good sign. We had interviewed several other potential v4.0s and whilst Sok Heng was probably the least experienced, she scored low on the waring bell factor. One girl wanted to get up at 4.30am and cycle to Takmeo for English lessons and then do it again at 6.00pm in the dark *DINGDONGWARNING-TOO TIRED*. ONe girl asked of we had a washing machine for the dishes *DINGDONG-LAZY* ETC ETC . So we chose Sok Heng and she moved in a week later.

The first month was interesting. I watched as she watered the garden straight after rain storms, cleaned bathrooms without emptying bins and ironed not only my underwear but also our fluffy bath towels. To be honest she almost did not make it past week one after I watched in horror as Sok Heng let Grace run out onto a road. We had left a party and Leakhana was getting into the truck whilst Sok Heng held Grace by the hand just in front of the car. Grace was putting up a small bit of resistance and Sok Heng decided she may as well load the car up and leave Grace to her own devices so she let go and Grace wandered straight onto the street. Luckily no cars or motos went past as it would have been disastrous and I had to practice all my self control to NOT scream at v4.0. Leakhana, on the other hand….gave her a real spray and for those of you who know how controlled and polite my wife is…this is something to behold.

Now..6 weeks down the track the kid is working out OK. Sok Heng works tirelessly if not always efficiently and whilst I will probably always have to steer her, Grace is comfortable with her which is great. Even Leakhana and *gasp* my mother-in-law are saying she has come along well. Unfortunately today I had to take her to the doctor as she broke out in a terrible itchy rash yesterday. He said it is probably an allergy and has loaded her up with allergy drugs and she is now possibly off work for two weeks as we need to separate her from the kids until we know for sure.

There is one downside. Sok Heng is recently engaged so whether that means she gets married sometime soon and never returns….time will tell.

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1 Response to Sokheng ; Household Help v4.0

  1. the expat who hires the older sister ;) says:

    i heard she was cleaning it up because the rain had left crap on the tiles. as for theengagement, the older sister says no marriage before next year. i will do my best to convince her to stay at work but you can be sure that once a baby comes, you’re doomed 😉
    hey, thanks for taking her on board and keeping her. the shy sister is now going to be trained at the yejj school (in june) and is also taking english classes… fingers crossed !

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