It huffed and it puffed and it blew those ugly ****ers down.


The hideous riverside billboards that were erected months ago over on the peninsula have come down – and not, as I had thought they would- at the intervention by local government who had finally realised what an abomination they were. Rather, mother nature obviously took offense at their visually polluting presence too. The other night she simply blew them down.


Three of the five controversial billboards lining the riverside of Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changvar commune were knocked down today in strong winds. One woman was injured, four motorbikes and one car ( owned by Moon Media – the agency responsible for the aeful fucking things !! ) crushed and at least four houses damaged in the incident.

At the scene, metal poles supporting the billboards were twisted like garden hoses while the bolts holding them in place were rusted. Concrete foundations had cracked revealing crumbling concrete inside. ( shock horror – you mean the building contractor cut corners . I cannot believe it ??)

The billboards were installed by Moon Media. Those knocked over represented Hello and Beeline mobile phone companies and Hennessy whisky.Advertising boards for Mfone and the Japanese Kansai Paint company are still standing.A Moon Media staff member at the company office in Canadia Tower, who wished not to be named, said this afternoon they were not aware what caused the billboards to collapse but her superiors had gone to “fix the problem”.

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