The $29.25 night out

Friday night does NOT have to be depressingly expensive.

I have blogged / bragged before about how cheap this city CAN be if you play your cards right and don’t get too carried away and last night was yet another fine example. With Andrew bugging out on Sunday after his second trip here this year, we headed out for a few drinks and dinner. The Super 14s Rugby was on at 5pm so first we lobbed at Gym Bar where we met up with Shane who had just arrived back from Australia where he had a little baby girl. I had a single draft beer and then bought a round of 4 beers for the lads ( one of which was a bottle of Tiger ) so 5 beers all up and that cost me $9.50.

The Elephant Bar, Raffles Le Royal Hotel. Salubrious!

Second stop was the famous Elephant Bar at Raffles Le Royale Hotel for it’s half-price Friday cocktail Happy Hour. Shane ferries us over there in his chauffeur driven Lexus and we meet up with Darren and Paul so now there are 5 of us sitting a the bar. The place is packed with imbibers and we settle into one,two rounds of cocktails. I drink a Mojito and then a superb extra dry Gin Martini.The others all have a couple each and there is the odd beer as well. We split the resulting tab 5 ways. $10 each. This I might add is Cambodia’s finest Hotel !

Oh my goodness golly rogan josh !

Next we are getting Hungry so whilst Shane heads for the poker tables at Naga Casino and Darren heads for the French-Fest at Gasolina, Paul/Andrew/I head to Sher-i-punjab for a curry. This place is fantastic and a very popular spot for curry-heads. Two large bottles of beer,poppadoms,garlic nan,a mutton korma,chicken tandoori and pea and feta curries cost us $8 a head and we are stuffed beyond belief.

Choo$e wi$ely

Then it is only a matter of choosing what we do next and it is here that a budget night out can be made or broken. By now we have a glow on and back in the car we all pause momentarily as we decide. Andrew declares he needs to do a mighty shit. I declare I want to get some brownie points up ahead of Mother’s Day and Paul says he is considering riding his push-bike out into the bush with the Hash house Harriers the following day ( idiot ! ).So we head to Martinis, that remaining bastion of Phnom Penh sleaze just to give Andrew a look. One beer each in the beer garden costs us $1.75 and then stumps are called at 10pm  as gaudily painted Vietnamese girls start circling and old German dudes in sandles and socks start turning up.

Grand Total ; $29.25

That’s starting beers,cocktails,curry and beers,nightcap and all tips etc……………

Brownie points with the wife for arriving home before 2am mostly sober = free.

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